Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is always fun. Josh and I dressed up to give out candy. He was a gladiator (or Marc Antony) and I was Cleopatra. We have a lot of kids that come to our neighborhood. So we went through at least $40 of candy in about 2 hours!!

Just for fun

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

well, it's official

My first IUI failed. Josh and I are going to take a break from meds and such this cycle. We'll try the IUI thing again during my Dec cycle.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Temp dropped the morning, but I tested anyway. Of course it was a BFN, just as I expected. I know it could be too early still. And if my temp goes up tomorrow, it's possible that in was an implantation dip. But I'm doubting it. I'm sure this cycle will end in AF just like the last 18. I'm really beginning to think that I won't ever be able to have kids and that I should just move on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1 week down

1 more to go. I think I'll start testing on Sat or Sun. I really don't have a lot of hope though. If it doesn't happen this cycle, I think we're going to take a break from the meds and temping for a couple months. I think my body needs a break! We'll also need to save up if we're going to do another IUI.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I got it!

I love eBay! I was having a really hard time finding a Halloween costume. Josh found one the other day--he's going to be a gladiator/Roman soldier. I went to so many stores, but I had a hard time finding something plus sized. So I went to eBay and just won a Cleopatra costume! Now we can be Cleopatra and Marc Antony. We're not actually going to any parties or anything, but I always like to dress up to hand out candy to the kids.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2 weeks to wait

So I had my IUI today. It wasn't too bad. I've had a bit of cramping all day. The nurse said that was a good thing b/c that meant ovulation was happening so it was good timing. Now I've just gotta wait 2 weeks and take a pregnancy test to see if it worked.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

IUI update

So I got my injection yesterday. That stuff really burns. I can still feel a bit of pain in the spot where it went in. I have my ultrasound on Monday. If the follies look good, then they're going to go ahead and give me an HCG trigger so that I'll O on Tuesday and we'll do the insemination then. Josh isn't really looking forward to it. I'm not sure if he'll have to do it there or if I can bring in his "deposit." But I want him to go with me for the IUI so I don't have to tell our kids that daddy was at work while they were conceived 8)

Monday, October 8, 2007

IUI Plan

  • Started Clomid (100mg) on Sat Oct 6
  • Thurs, Oct 11 pick up prescription of Repronex
  • Fri, Oct 12 have Repronex injection
  • Mon, Oct 15 ultra sound to check follies
  • If follie check okay, IUI on Wed Oct 17

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes! I'm really hoping this works

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long time no post, huh?

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since August. I guess life has been fairly boring. I'm still not pregnant. I still don't have a real teaching job.

So the only real update is that we will be doing an IUI this next cycle, which will probably start tomorrow. I've got to call the nurse on CD1 and schedule my U/S and figure out what meds I'll need to take. So hopefully, we'll be on our way to being KU soon. If this IUI does work, that would make me due in July. which will be good as far as school goes. I should be out of school a few weeks before and will still have several weeks before school starts again.

Oh, I guess there is another update as far as the job goes. Next week, I'm going to a sub orientation so that I can start subbing. I'm really tired of working for peanuts the way I am now. I just feel like they're using me and paying me as little as possible. It feels like I'll never get a real teaching job as long as they can get by with paying me as an aide and expecting me to do more.