Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Baby

So I got to hold my friend's brand new baby today. She was just about 24 hours old and the absolute sweetest thing I've ever seen. I don't think I've ever held a baby that young before. So adorable. And I'm only like 80% jealous ;)


well, I thought it was full blown AF yesterday, but now I'm thinking it was still just Spot. Man, she's evil. If she's coming, she should just come already. Enough messing with my head. Okay, so I'm not KU. So get here so we can move on to the next cycle and try another IUI. Grrrrr

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No need to test

Spot came to visit right after turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day. What timing. I was only 9dpo so I'm definitely going to talk to the doc about my progesterone levels. It seems that 200 mg of Prometrium just isn't cutting it. Big plunge in temp yesterday. Of course, I hadn't been temping, but it was well below my post O temps that I used to confirm O in the first place. Flo is here today so it's officially CD1--AGAIN! So on to C21. We're going to do another IUI this cycle. If it doesn't work, we should have just enough time for one more cycle before Josh has to go to Georgia for 3 months. We'll be out of town for the first half of that cycle so we won't be able to do a third IUI. But we'll definitely do some major baby dancing!

Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving was better than mine. Though it was actually pretty good considering AF tried to ruin it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

well, it's official

I'm 6dpo. Since I've confirmed O, I've stopped temping. Especially, since it was just the weekend and the Thanksgiving holidays are coming up. I'm guessing I'll be too busy to worry too much about it. I plan on testing on Sunday, just to see. I'll be 12dpo at that time. So it should be pretty accurate by then.

On a side note, I have a job interview today. It's for a middle school science position. The school also has history and math positions. I'd much rather have the math job, but right now I'll take anything I can get. I'll update when I find out.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Josh's dad's house. We'll be there until Thursday afternoon. It'll be good to get away for a little while. Josh is getting really frustrated with his job right now. He's seriously considering getting out of the Navy in a couple years when his contract is up. And he's a bit scared about what he'll do or where we'll go. I'll try to tell him that we've still got 2 years to decide. But he's been really moody about it.