Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cycle -1

AF has come to visit. This is my first real Flo since getting pregnant. I'd forgotten about cramps! I'm calling this cycyle -1 because Josh is still in Pensacola for training. His class is supposed to be over at the end of the month.

The problem though, is he re-dislocated his shoulder. The Navy doctor says that he is now non-deployable. We're supposed to be moving to WA after his class, but being non-deployable means he can't go to the ship. So they're going to do surgery again to fix his shoulder. Then he'll have about 6 months of recovery time when he's LIMDU (limited duty). We're not sure if they're going to postpone our orders and leave him in Florida until he's better or if they're going to change our orders completely. If they change our orders, they might send him on to wherever that will be and have them do the surgery there or still keep him in FL for now. Regardless, they're picking up our household goods next week, and we're still trying to sell our house. If he's stuck in FL, I'm going to go there to help him after his surgery. Or he may take some leave to come here the first of March before his surgery. I really hate this not knowing!!!!

So if you're into praying, we could definitely use some during this time of confusion.

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Rebecca said...

poor josh! praying for you guys through the unknown!!