Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm still here

I'm still around, just haven't been online too much. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting too much on blogs. When I checked last week, I had around 30 posts in Google Reader that I hadn't read. There's probably a lot more now. I've just been spending more time trying to sleep and relax lately.

Things are going pretty good. Like all new moms, it's been hard getting sleep. Sarah has decided that she likes to sleep during the day and stay up most of the night. Josh is awesome in helping me when I need it. He even does stuff without me having to ask! My mom came to visit for about a week. But then she got sick so she wasn't able to help take care of Sarah too much. Josh also got a bit of whatever she had.

Sarah's starting to wake up now, so I'll quickly add some new pics, but then I've gotta run:


Katie said...

Don't worry about following other blogs. You're doing exactly what you should right now--resting and bonding with your baby. Hopefully Sarah will learn the difference between day and night soon!

Jewels said...

Monica- your daughter is just beautiful, I love her cheeks so much, I could gobble them up. And seeing you with her- I just tear up, I'm so happy for you, and you look so happy.

as far as blogging, no need to apologize, I love just knowing your being a mom, your lack of blogging is worth a thousand words, we know what you’re going through and when I have my little bug- I probably will be the same way, just soaking up the whole reason that brought us here and together in the first place.

Elana Kahn said...

OMG She looks just like you!!! (Absolutely gorgeous) Now we just have to get her to switch around her sleeping schedule. I love the pics!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Monica!!! She is beautiful! She looks just like you! The backwards days are a little tough but dont worry, sweet little lady will get her clock straight real soon. I always think the first 6 weeks are the toughest and then one day you realize... hey! I can do this! and I am darn good at it!!!! You are amazing Monica! Lots of love!

Rebecca said...

sarah is sooooo adorable! thanks for the update. i know how hard it is to keep up with everything...don't worry. we know you're busy enjoying your precious baby girl!